I was asked to investigate why some changes disappeared from Employess form in F&O. If I open Human resources > Workers > Employees and right-click the form, it shows that its name is HcmWorker.

That’s expected. But it’s a lie.

There is a feature called Streamlined employee entry (HcmWorkerV2Feature class) and if it’s enabled, another form (HcmWorkerV2) opens instead of HcmWorker.

Microsoft implemented the logic in init() method of HcmWorker form. If the feature is enabled, HcmWorkerV2 opens and HcmWorker is closed.

if (HcmFeatureStateProvider::isFeatureEnabled(HcmWorkerV2Feature::instance()))

But the logic that shows Form information isn’t aware of it for some reason; it knows that we’re opening HcmWorker and it believes it’s really been opened.

By the way, if I press F5 and reload the form, Form information starts showing the right form name.

If we want our customizations to work in both cases (with the feature enabled or disabled), we need to change both forms.

By the way, if you want to read more about the new form, here is a documentation page: Streamlined employee navigation and entry.