Once you have imported ISO20022 from Microsoft repositories ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 2 (Config) – DynFOTech and company setup ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 3 (Company setup) – DynFOTech, you need to add required information on vendor and vendor bank level so you can generate Pain.001 file:

  • Name: Vendor name.
  • Address: The Vendor need to have a primary address with “Country/region”, “Street” and “Zip/postal code”. Country must have a value for ISO field (e.g. ISO code for Norway is “NO”.
Vendor card_Name/Address
Country ISO code
Pain.001_Vendor name and address
  • Method of payment: Vendor need to have an electronic method of payment that is associated to ISO20022 configurations.
Vendor card_Method of payment
Vendor methods of payment
  • Payment specification: Specification for the payment need to be added based on vendor domestic and foreign payments. In this regards, service level and local instrument be added to payment specification.


Payment specification_Domestic


Payment specification_Foreign
  • Bank account: The vendor need to have at least one bank account with :
    • Bank account ID: A unique ID for the bank account
    • Bank account name: Name/Description for the bank account
    • Bank account number: A valid bank account number
    • SWIFT code: BIC
    • IBAN: A valid IBAN for the bank account. IF a vendor bank consists both bank account number and IBAN, it will use just IBAN in Pain.001 file.
    • Address: The vendor bank account need to be associated to an address based on bank account number or IBAN.
      • Description
      • Country/Region: This field is mandatory and you need to add a value for country that is related to an ISO code.
      • Zip/Postal code
    • Street
    • City
Vendor card_Bank account
Vendor bank accounts
Country ISO code
Pain.001 file_Vendor bank account information

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