In my previous post I revisited moments from 2021 out of a Power Platform perspective. In this post I will look back at the collaborations I have had during the year. For me, these collaborations are like energy sources. Even though it takes time, I find myself enjoying gathering content, collaborating with others around news and content in general as well as uplifting other people and their work.

Power Platform Weekly

During 2021 the collaboration with the Power Platform Weekly Team continued. There is so much great content created each week from people all over the world and a big motivation for me is the feeling that we can help making that content available to a broader audience and spread awareness around other people’s content. Hopefully the newsletter makes it a little easier for others to keep up with what’s new.

The newsletter has celebrated its first birthday! See Power Platform Weekly Special Edition. We invited the Dynamics Weekly creator Guido Preite for an interview, see the write-up. I am looking forward to continuing with the newsletter next year. It takes a lot of time to do it each week, but at the same time it helps to keep myself up-to-date with what’s new and as already mentioned I do like that we get the chance to highlight the work of others.

Power Platform Weekly

Power Wiki

During 2020 I spent time exploring MediaWiki (the platform that Wikipedia is built on). Starting a wiki with Power Platform content felt like something that could become a fun little project. In the beginning of February it was time to launch Power Wiki and later that month me and Benedikt Bergmann were invited to do a presentation at the February DC Chapter UG meeting. About one year later, I still see Power Wiki as something that is fun collaborating with others with.

During the year we have made updates to the wiki, both content as well as adding news related information and featuring people on the main page. Just before December month was here we decided to do an Advent Calendar, mostly to push ourselves to add more content but also it could be a fun way for others to learn more about Power Platform. I wanted to include a Christmas quote on each day too.

Next year the plan is to add more content to the wiki on a more regular basis, work on the structure and consistency as well as look into other areas of improvement. Whenever I find some piece of information that for some reason was hard to find, I will make sure to add it to the wiki and I encourage YOU to do the same (or at least let me know of that little valuable piece and I can add it myself).

Power Wiki

Looking back at the year that has passed, I can see that not all, but many of my posts are related to news around the platform. I am starting to see a certain pattern here with newsletter, keeping a wiki up-to-date and also writing about news from events and release waves. Well, one better post about the stuff that you find interesting if one will try to keep on writing posts! Here are blog statistics. For 2021 from 1st of January to 25th of December. I will update the numbers for 2021 after the 31st.

Blog Posts231917
Other posts342
Words in total354012868329317
Words, average
per post
Blog statistics

This year I have had visitors from 161 different countries.

Visitors from 161 countries, 9514 views in the USA

Views per country 2020 vs. 2021

The two funniest search terms that made people end up on my site:
“dont use powerapps for data integration”
“why not to use powerapps for data integration”

Happy New Year!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash