The pandemic has had devastating effects on small business owners everywhere. Back to Biz is a free program designed to help you recover, pivot and grow. Whether you’re building an online presence, expanding revenue streams, or stabilizing cash flow. Back to Biz provides hundreds of actionable lessons, informative interviews, community stories and much more to get your business thriving.

“Microsoft is thrilled to partner with BackTo.Biz to support small businesses during this critical time. Small businesses constitute a major force in the U.S. economy and are crucial to its success. This incredible platform, consisting of free online tools and training, will help them navigate the current challenging environment.”

Stephanie Ferguson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

The program consists of 400 individual video lessons, articles, and tools from a diverse and renowned set of innovative entrepreneurs.  The platform was developed to support, inform, and inspire America's small business owners as they navigate the seismic shifts in teh economy and consumer behavior caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.